About Us

We build smart websites and custom web apps to help you achieve your business objectives.
We also look after all related online activities, including hosting, remote server management & maintenance, and digital marketing.
We promise you creative solutions combined with solid business sense — giving you competitive advantage and maximum returns for minimum outlay.

More About Us

It's actually about you

Your success is our success. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer support and customer service.

We have a unique five minute response guarantee, which you will probably never use. If issues do arise, we will almost certainly fix them before anyone else knows about them.

Global Client Base

We have clients in all market sectors, including the following:

  • IT, Internet, networking, communications, and satellites
  • Banking, finance, insurance, real estate
  • Travel, hospitality, entertainment, & leisure
  • Newspapers, magazines, books, blogs
  • Training, education, the arts
  • Manufacturing, contracting, utilities
  • And others — the list goes on and on

Moreover, we are always looking for ways to apply our skills and experience in new areas.

Smart, Aware & Watchful Apps

We have amazing apps that learn about your users' preferences and interests, and display personalized content for each user.

Our apps are aware of the user's time zone, device sensors, etc as well as changes to data, and external events; Internet of Things (IoT) apps are aware of the physical world. Push notifications alert and inform users about what is going on.

Our toolkit includes machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), machine translation, buzz (social) analytics, block chain, big data, and other advanced techniques that will help you stay a market leader. More about apps...

Responsive Apps

Smart Apps

We mentioned above, that we build fully-connected, smart, aware & watchful apps.
If you have a glimmer of an idea for a website or app, or just want to see what we could suggest for you, please contact us.
Meanwhile, please read more about our apps ...

More About Apps

Modular Approach

We have modules for all your business needs: Security, access control, finance, reporting, content generation, content management, document management, user management, relationship management, booking, scoring, online sales, chat, email, charts, slide shows, video, integration with the physical world, and much more.

Technically superior

Our apps are engineered to perfection for the ultimate user experience (UX), using frameworks and protocols developed by Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other Internet giants handling massive demand. The apps are high-capacity, fast, robust & reliable, easy-to-use, and, wherever possible, fun.

Aesthetically pleasing

Our apps are easy on the eye; styled to match your corporate image or your own personal preferences.

Highly Secure

Our apps are immunized against man-in-the-middle attacks, password theft, and other hacking and malware. We use end-to-end encryption guaranteeing privacy; user authentication that can restrict access to specific computers, locations, time periods, tasks, etc; one-way encryption for passwords; multi-factor authentication where required, and so on.

Always on

Our apps that are available and operate even when the user is off-line, or when connectivity is intermittent or weak.

Easy to find

We include basic search engine optimization (SEO) for public-facing apps, making it is easy for potential and new users to find you.

Servers & Hosting

With a global network of high-quality data centers, manned 24 x 7 x 365, and a unique five-minute response-time guarantee, you can be sure that you'll always be online.
Moreover, with economies of scale, high levels of efficiency, and decades of experience, we offer outstanding service for a very low cost.

More About Servers & Hosting

Global Reach

With a global network of 25 top-tier data centers, and access to Google, Amazon and IBM Clouds (and our own private clouds), we provide world-class systems at very economical prices.

Outstanding Support

Unique 5 minute response time guarantee.

Always Online: 99.999% availability

Our data centers are certified to the highest levels, as demanded by banks and emergency services.

  • Tier 3: Less than 1.6 hours downtime per year.
  • Tier 4: Less than 27 minutes downtime p.a.
Massively Reliable

All systems are fully redundant with no single point of failure. All our data centers have multiple Internet backbone connections, multiple power supplies, backup generators that run for four days, biometric access controls, CCTV cameras, and other continuity and security features.

Virtual Servers

High-quality, fast, reliable, and affordable hosting, that is ideal most businesses. We take care of everything. We'll keep your web presence and email online, make backups every night, guard against malware and hackers, and generally watch your back.


Affordable, high performance, scalable. You pay only for resources you use. This is especially suitable if you have peaks and troughs in demand — such as running a periodic big data analysis. Bandwidth, storage, processors, etc, can be charged in units as small as one second.

Dedicated Servers

Fully under your control. Highly secure with true isolation from other users. Perfect for online businesses; web-, app-, and database-servers; corporate intranets, file servers, etc.

Sys Admin

It goes without saying that we have a very high level of systems administration and engineering skills — we need them to keep smart websites and apps running smoothly 24 x 7.
But did you know that we can administer your servers remotely, whether they are in data centers, your office or factory, or some other exotic location, anywhere in the world?

More About Sys Admin

Global Reach

We have people with skills in all areas of software engineering and systems administration. They look after our systems. They can look after your systems remotely — for less than it would cost you to directly employ just one Jack or Jill of all trades.

Ask us about a monthly services agreement or ad hoc project and crisis management.

Some of the things we take care of:
  • Preventative care: Daily backup and syncing, applying security patches and other upgrades, malware scans, service and load monitoring, routine tuning, etc.
  • Reactive care and crisis management: Dealing with hardware and software issues, bugs and glitches, etc; fighting hackers and malware attacks (mainly from China, Eastern Europe, and the US!); managing system overloads, other trouble shooting and fixes, etc.
  • Planned intervention and upgrades: Installing and configuring new websites, web apps, system software, etc; installing and configuring upgrades due to end-of-life for operating systems and other software; migrating to new servers, etc.
Systems we fix on a typical day:
  • Linux servers: Red Hat, Centos, Debian, etc.
  • Windows servers: Server and Datacenter Edition, Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Services
  • Database servers: MariaDB, MySQL, MS SQL, and variants; slow queries, optimization
  • App servers
  • Web servers: Apache, mod rewrite, virtual hosts, htaccess, Internet Information Services (IIS), SSL, WHM, cPanel, Plesk, Webmin
  • Domain name servers/DNS: Config, comms, clustering
  • Email servers: SPF, DKIM, DMARC, spam, mail queue management
  • CGI, scripting, etc: PHP, Perl, JavaScript (ES6/TS, JSON, REST, Node, Angular, jQuery), Python, cron, etc.
  • Content management systems (CMS): WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc

Digital Marketing

None of the foregoing (apps, servers, sys admin) would be useful if it didn't contribute significantly to your business.
Accordingly, we also offer a wide range of digital marketing services. The core elements here are SEO (search engine optimization), content management, social media & networking, and email marketing.

More About Digital Marketing

Global Reach

Even if we didn't build your website and apps, and even if we don't run your servers and sys admin, we'll be happy to help you plan and execute a digital marketing strategy.

Ask us for a free consultation.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Our apps and websites include basic SEO. A full service requires your cooperation when we design and run the optimization — and it's an ongoing task. Be aware that many or most "web site" suppliers do not include SEO in their coding, so undoing and rebuilding their work can be time consuming.

Content Management

Content is a critical part of digital marketing. An ongoing injection of new, unique, targetted content keeps your SEO truly optimized. We can conceptualize, research, write, integrate, and manage new content for you.

Social Media & Networking

Another key element of digital marketing is a fully-integrated and ongoing social media campaign. We'll automate posting your new content, and provide other networking tools for you.

Email Marketing

We have a highly automated app to manage and personalize your email blasts - with unlimited subscribers and unlimited mailing lists — starting from just US $10 a month.